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ISACS Team 2017 ISACS Team 2017 - Lucy Medlycott, Charlotte Haffner and Faustine Damman 

L.E.A.P. Programme

Learn, Experience, Achieve, Prepare


Since 2017, the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network have developed its professional training programme for future arts leaders, managers, administrators, event coordinators, arts communications officers and researchers. This programme provides a practical real-world experience of working in an arts organisation using the learning by doing approach. We provide on the job training, mentorship, networking, confidence building, career advice and encouragement, experience and a whole lot of fun. 



leap maps


Map of the origins of ISACS LEAP trainees since June 2017 to date.


Please read the role descriptions and dates for this hands-on opportunity right here:

Communication and Event Coordinator Assistant 
Research and Information Assistant

If you are interested in finding out more or participating in the L.E.A.P. Programme with ISACS, please email info@isacs.ie with a CV and a letter of motivation.
Please note these are voluntary roles. Grant possibility for international applicants under Erasmus scheme.


Previous trainees Testimonials

Clara Simon

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant

Clara Simon 3

November-December 2019

I was really delighted to be part of the LEAP programme for seven weeks ! I had great opportunities to meet artists and people working in the street arts and circus sector, particularly by attending NCFI19 (National Circus Festival of Ireland) in Tralee. I learned a lot about communication, publishing content on social media and newsletters and managing the ISACS website. I worked on researching opportunities to be shared with the members as well.

Thanks to ISACS, I had the chance to attend a training about communication in Dublin and a webinar about partnership development for EU funded projects, both organised by The Wheel. As I am more familiar with numbers and business related tasks, I helped doing accounting tasks and sending financial reports. It was also a very interesting part of my internship as it represents the reality of running an organisation.

The LEAP Programme is the perfect professional experience to acquire new skills, working with a very enthusiastic team! 

A big thank you to Lucy Medlycott for sharing her experience and time with me. I really had a great time working by her side!

Read more about Clara Simon


Marie Semichon

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant


May - June 2019

I joined ISACS team between May-June 2019 as Communication and Event coordinator Assistant.

I had to deal mainly with communication on social networks and on the ISACS website. I was able to stay 2 weeks in Galway to help and participate in an International Seminar for the Development of Street Arts: FRESH STREET#3 which was organized by ISACS, Galway 2020 and Circostrada. I had the opportunity to participate as a volunteer at #OnTheEdge the All Ireland Performing Arts Conference organised by Theatre Forum Ireland and Theatre NI and hosted by the National Opera House in Wexford , which is a 2 day theatre conference. My experience at ISACS has been very enriching, an organisation which is passionate about developing these art forms in Ireland. I recommend the LEAP program because I had a great experience which allowed me to acquire new skills, plus I discovered the artistic world of Circus, Street Arts and Spectacle.

Read more about Marie Semichon I LinkedIn


Cyrille Roussial

Research & Information Assistant

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March - June 2019

I had the pleasure to work with Lucy Medlycott, who welcomed me warmly in her Wexford office. These three-months of internship were very enriching: I did a lot of various tasks in different contexts and locations.

Most of the time, I had to initiate, gather and distribute information and research on the Irish street arts and circus sectors, which included managing regularly the ISACS social media and website. I also had the opportunity to help Lucy Medlycott and Alonso Lobato to organise and evaluate the third edition of the international seminar for the development of street arts (FRESH STREET#3) in Galway and Inis Oírr. This allowed me to expand my skills in event coordination and organisation. Being part of the ISACS team gave me the chance to work with close partners such as Circostrada Network and Galway 2020 - European Capital of Culture.

Coming from an academic background in Performing Arts, this traineeship was designed as a relevant and complementary experience to my previous ones, and helped me to better understand the reality of circus and streets arts sectors. This was indeed a special time to reflect on the role of an umbrella and service organisation such as ISACS. The needs and issues that circus and street arts development requires, involves and raises for an organisation with the responsibility for same were new and interesting to me. 

I highly recommend the L.E.A.P. programme which provides good working conditions to anyone who would like to discover a part of the Irish cultural sector. This experience is the opportunity to have a better idea of the range of jobs which you could do in the future or invent for yourself. Thanks to her experience as both street artist and network director, Lucy Medlycott will give you not only a better understanding of the importance of international relations in these sectors, but also a working method for imagining and conceiving projects and events in the creative industries.

Read more about Cyrille Roussial.


Lea Morin

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant

Lea Morin thumbnail

November - December 2018

My LEAP Training with Lucy and Charlotte (two wonderful women who are passionate about their work and the sector of street arts, circus and spectacle) was a great experience. I joined the ISACS Team between November and December 2018 as Communication and Event Coordinator assistant. The LEAP Programme allowed me to learn how to manage the social media and the website but also to create a newsletter. It was interesting to discover everything about the street arts, circus and spectacle sector and meet some artists in Ireland. Thanks to this amazing experience with a generous and nice team, I’m now convinced to pursue my studies in Event Communication. I want to recommend the LEAP Programme with ISACS to all people who want to work in the arts sector with a fun team, learn new skills and gain professional experience!

Read more about Lea Morin.


Ana Camillo 

Research & Information Assistant

ana camillo thumbnail

September - November 2018

During my period of Research and Information Assistant as part of the L.E.A.P Programme, I had the chance and privilege of working with amazing professionals such as Lucy Medlycott and Charlotte Haffner. Both are very experienced and experts in the sector, very generous with their knowledge, and concerned that the L.E.A.P trainee is getting the most of the programme and that the work is being relevant to his/her goals. Coming from an academic background in Ethnochoreology and Festival Studies, having the chance to gain experience in the industry and networking influenced greatly my studies and my career prospects.

L.E.A.P is an amazing programme and experience for anyone who does, or wishes to, pursue a career in the Arts sector.

Read more about Ana | Ana's ISACS Profile.


Jack Beglin

Research & Information Assistant

jack beglin small

June - August 2018

My experience as a research and information intern with the Irish Street Art, Circus & Spectacle Network was an extremely positive one.

 As a L.E.A.P trainee, I was given the responsibility to help Lucy and the ISACS team to conceptualise, design, implement and interpret a nationwide survey of outdoor arts consumer behaviour entitled ‘Drawing The Crowd’.

This project was motivated by previous research conducted by ISACS that suggested that outdoor arts engage diverse audiences and encourage civic pride.

During our survey of The Carlow Arts Festival, The Cork Midsummer Festival, The Earagail Arts Festival & The Waterford Spraoi Festival our data confirmed this conclusion; outdoor arts provide audiences a sense of civic pride and connection within local communities.    

During this project I travelled the length and breath of Ireland, encountering weird, wonderful and wacky performances & people while embracing the spirit of adventure.

ISACS Network paid a travel stipend that really added to the value of traversing the rolling hills and beaches of Ireland.

Through this work experience, I greatly improved my ability to conduct and interpret qualitative and quantitate research methods. With the help of University of Limerick researcher Stephen Caldwco-authored- authored the 2018 edition of ‘Drawing the Crowd’, I learnt to interpret data and redefine the social value of culture.

As a cultural worker building my career in the creative sector I highly valued this internship because it brought me into contact with other practitioners at the top of their game. I would highly recommend the ISACS L.E.A.P internship to both national and international students & emerging cultural workers who would like to; refine their project management and research skills and engage with a vibrant sector of the creative industry.         

Jack Beglin 

More info about Jackjbeglin.com | Linkedin

Merve Yılmaz 

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant

merve Yilmaz thumbnail

June - September 2018

I really enjoyed working with an incredible team; Lucy and Charlotte. They are so supportive and at the same time, they do lots of work. They are just great! I like circus, street arts and spectacle sector and I am really happy I worked as a L.E.A.P. trainee with ISACS Network. I learnt so much about this sector in Ireland. I learnt more about communications, social media and event management. I also learnt how to create a newsletter and content for the website and designed graphics for ISACS events. This experience helped me improve my skills and will help me in my future career. I would like to recommend L.E.A.P. programme because you gain experience and new skills with an amazing team!

Read more about Merve Yılmaz.


Defne Gucluer

Research & Information assistant

defne gucluer

March-June 2018

I'm from Istanbul and living in Dublin. My background is in Arts Management and I recently finished a post-grad course on Cultural Event Management at IADT. I have worked on many international music festivals, live events and theatres when I was in Istanbul.

I joined ISACS team between March-June 2018 as Research and Information Assistant.

It was very exciting and interesting for me to work with Lucy and Charlotte and learn all about the circus, street arts and spectacle sector in Ireland. It has been an invaluable and fun experience for me to be a LEAP trainee. I have attended several events with ISACS and they were all very inspiring, and a great opportunity to explore the sector in Ireland.

While I was working with ISACS, I completed some research on Arts Council Funding for this sector currently and I also initiated the creation of an Artist Tool Kit. I've really enjoyed working and researching the Tool Kit for the ISACS members. I hope that this will be useful and beneficial for those who are looking for assistance. Also analysing the Arts Council's funding helped me greatly to realise the big picture for this sector. 

I believe the LEAP Programme will be useful for anyone who would like to achieve new skills, gain experience, professional development and networking. I am very glad that I was part of this amazing team.

Read more about Defne.


Tamara Gangnus

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant

tamara gangnus

Winter 2017

As an intern at ISACS, you will have the opportunity to work very closely with Lucy and Charlotte, who are very generous with their time and knowledge. The placement offers great professional development and networking opportunities. The work is varied and very flexible in terms of where your strengths and interests lie with plenty of scopes to input your ideas and develop projects. Overall a great experience that helped me to better identify and articulate my career focus.

Read more about Tamara.


Faustine Damman 

Communications & Event Coordinator assistant


Summer 2017

'My name is Faustine Damman, I’m a French student and had the opportunity to do an internship with the company ISACS, thanks to Erasmus. My work placement took place in Wexford, in Ireland.


Event Coordination

During my work placement, I worked closely with my tutor, ISACS CEO Mrs. Lucy Medlycott. She was an incredible boss, full of imagination and who love her work with passion. She was helpful, nice, supporting and a lot of fun. Most weekends, I visited Irish Arts Festival everywhere in the country. I met with new artists, promoted ISACS, help organise conferences about Circus at those festivals and attend meetings with local authorities.


Also, I had the opportunity to do a week of communication training in Galway city and work online with the communication manager, Charlotte Haffner, to develop my skills in social media. Thanks to this experience, I've learned communication skills, new social media skills, teamwork and how to meet deadlines. I've become more confident, creative, punctual and fluent in English. I had to update the databases, correspond with members, send newsletters and create content for the website like news and job opportunities posts. Furthermore, I had to promote the company and his members on social media and create graphic designs for Arts festivals and the ISACS's events.


It was the perfect experience to discover how a company works in another country. Also, thanks to that experience I would like to create events and work as a web manager in my future career. It was an amazingly great and eventful experience! I would love to work with this company again because the atmosphere is great, the boss is lovely and I really enjoy working in the street arts and circus world.'

Read more about Faustine.


A big thank you also to the following LEAP trainees for all their time and contributions:

  • Fiona Mackey – Limerick, Ireland: Spring 2018
  • Abbey Sexton – Alberta, Canada: Summer 2018
  • Coline Pâques – Calais, France: Summer 2018
  • Sara Galletti - Rome, Italy: Summer 2019


Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
00 353 (0)87 0541812 info@isacs.ie
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