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ISACS Member - Circus Fergus
ISACS Member - Circus Fergus

The Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network (ISACS) are dedicated to supporting Irish work to be presented nationally with its N.E.S.T. programme (new emerging street talents) but also internationally with special Irish Focus programmes at renowned international Circus, Street Arts and Performing Arts Festivals from all across Europe such as Out There Festival (UK - 2015), La Rue est a Amiens (France 2016) and Mirabilia Festival (Italy 2017).

ISACS also supported artists work presentation at various festivals. Alex Allison presented his new piece Maleta at  'Thé des Artistes',  Hautes Tension Festival, Paris to over 40 international programmers, promoters and supporters of these art forms. Tumble CircusLords of Strut and Lulu's World were invited to present their work at Canvas a conference coordinated by London's leading Circus venues at the end of April 2015. ISACS also supported artists and organisation (Fidget Feet and Sevesfeathers) at Making Waves: Critical Mass 2017, ISAN, Milton Keynes, UK. Idea Summit Pitch.

Irish Focus at Out There Festival 2015 (UK)

Irish Focus at La Rue est a Amiens 2016 (France)

Irish Focus at Mirabilia Festival 2017 (Italy)

Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

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