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ISACS Member - Maria Corcoran
ISACS Member - Maria Corcoran 

Delve: Dublin Dance Festival

Maria Corcoran, Circus artist and tutor

6-21 May 2018


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Delving into the Dublin Dance Festival was a great experience and I learned so much! We went to see lots of shows over 4 days.


Maria CorcoranThe first and final pieces were my favourite by far, starting with the Street Dance Battle. This was full of spectacular feats of strength and body control. The whole event was full of energy and I found myself cheering and gasping throughout. I was so inspired by the way the dancers made their bodies move! There was one woman in particular who was moving constantly to the rhythm of the music. She had incredible fluidity in her movement and it seemed as though the music was moving her without any decision made to move in a particular way. This reminded me of the power of music and how magical it is when multiple artforms come together and feed from each other. This coming together of multiple artforms was very present in 'Dolores' by Junk Ensemble also. This show blew me away and I was impressed, to say the least, by the production value including the lighting, sound, set design, wardrobe, dramaturgy and dance. I was captivated throughout the show and felt such connection to the performers, especially Mikel Mufi and Deirdre Griffin, as they brought us on a journey through the space. I adore performances that move through site-specific locations and they did this very well. There were a few parts that I wasn't so keen on, in particular a scene with baton twirlers which felt very out of place and took away from the atmosphere of the piece. That night I read up on the story Lolita, which reinforced the impact the show had on me. I think this interpretation of the story was amazing and I would highly recommend this show to anyone. I am very excited to know about Junk Ensemble and cannot wait to watch more of their productions.

We were part of the Fast Track to Dance program curated by Live Collision, which makes space for discussions and critical evaluations. This was a great experience and I think it was very important for me to meet people with similar interests but from different backgrounds. I am so used to seeing shows with circus friends, which can result in stagnant discussions. I thoroughly enjoyed the conversations we had as I learned so much from the various viewpoints. We picked apart each performance and I gained so much insight into the nature of performance through these analyses. I learned something from every single show, whether I enjoyed it or not. We spoke a lot about the accessibility of art and this is a really important topic for me. Knowing how others absorb and evaluate shows is vital for knowing how to make your own work accessible.

This Delve program left me feeling inspired to make more work myself and mix many art forms together. It was great to meet new people on the Fast Track program and I hope that we can collaborate in the future.

I would highly recommend the Delve to other ISACS members! I think it is essential to feed yourself with other people’s work. It is so important to absorb art as much and as often as possible. It promotes creativity and brings about new ideas for your own work. I feel better equipped to access and create art.

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