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ISACS Member - Jude O Neil
ISACS Member - Jude O'Neil

Jude ONeillDelve: Cork Midsummer Festival

Jude O'Neills

15-17 June 2018


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There seemed to be two strong overarching themes throughout a lot the work I saw. Current social and political troubles, and the unique pain in Irishness.

Union Black was humorous and tongue in cheek at times, a commentary on Britain and the EU presented through circus skills and a nice visual spectacle.

The Numbered was a commentary on faith, free will, and governing systems set in a future dystopic/utopic world. Unusual but interesting and pleasant in set, writing style, and charactersation.

The juggling movement workshop with Maleta was great!  Stimulating, inclusive, creative, and above all challenging but fun.

Half light was absolutely beautiful.  A children's show about men's mental health. I cried, I yelped with joy, I hung off the edge of my seat in anticipation. I was a kid again for those moments. A story told in the most magical and engaging way possible.

Asking for it was heavy hitting emotional trauma for all involved. Stunning in terms of set, lights, sound, video, and the characters were solid and believable. The writing portrayed The very real bones of Irish society and Irish family and community relationships. Some seriously tough pills to swallow in all aspects of the subject matter.

Picnic at the Park was a great day out. Music, food, community vibes, engaging walkabout characters, fantastic street shows, and a lot of happy people!

Crowman was a show I needed to see. A story of male mental health taking on loneliness and regret in a fantastically well written and played production. An emotional mirror to the bones of Irish society.


Through DELVE, I learned a lot about current Irish writing and storytelling, and about what Irishness is in the performing arts.

I've really started to explore my relationships since DELVE. With and in characters, and with the audience during and after performance. I've also taken big steps in walkabout character creation.

I saw a true value in storytelling and want to learn more about it as a form and as a tool.

I'm inspired to embrace my culture, heritage, and identity.

I would absolutely recommend DELVE to any and every one looking to experience more art and performance, and anyone looking to network and make connections.

Perhaps it's unique to Cork Midsummer but I feel conversations with the delvers beforehand in what the timetable may shape up to be and the ways in which the festival may benefit them.


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