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ISACS Member - Aerial Cirque
ISACS Member - Aerial Cirque |    Featuring Ria Murphy, Photographer: Michael Winokur

Delve: Dublin Dance Festival

Ria Murphy, Aerial Cirque

20-28 May 2017

aerialcirqueRia Murphy / Aerial Cirque 

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'I would definitely recommend others to partake in Delve; it’s an opportunity to jump into something that you may not have otherwise made room to do. While the shows were a great experience, taking time to discuss the work and having the opportunity to talk to the artists and directors was a true advantage of the programme, something I wouldn’t have been exposed to as a regular festival attendee.'

'I discovered incredible dance shows from around the world, took part in a forum discussing the work with peers, and got an insight into the work behind the event from talks with Festival Director Benjamin Perchet, Head of Marketing Caroline Kennedy, and Liz Roche company in residence.'

'[...] perhaps my own off-beat work would find a home with this festival’s audience.'


Read Ria Full Report 


Picture: ISACS Member - Aerial Cirque featuring Ria Murphy, Photographer: Michael Winokur 

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