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ISACS Member - Acrophobia
ISACS Member - Acrophobia

Festival of Fools, Belfast, 29th April - 1st May, 2016

"....ultimately the entertainment value for the public for each show was high. For the street it is often as useful to be loud, funny and have some tricks as an artistic show. This is a choice for the artist to make when developing the show, “Do I want to make art or do I want to entertain?” A topic that occurred to both of us over the course of the weekend is how do we identify ourselves as an Irish street show, what style do we want to portray? What does being Irish mean to us? Can our 'Irishness' bring us to a unique formula for an international show? Inspiration from comics such as Dylan Moran and Dermot Morgan using Irish humour is a good base for devising a show. We enjoyed Dansko Gida’s style of chaos and use of Irish humor. When devising a show the question of what do you want the audience to feel should be in the front of your mind with Dado this was especially apparent as he touched the audience through his character, without huge amounts of skill. We really enjoyed taking the time to analyse shows in this way and felt it was beneficial. It was a pity that we couldn't make it for more of the days. Thanks for the experience. :)"

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