Dear candidates in the 2020 General Election, 

We are writing this letter on behalf of over 100 artists and companies (who account for over 600 individual practitioners) that are members of ISACS - the Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle network.
We are keen to know, if you get elected, how you propose to support and develop the Arts in Ireland.

We are asking all candidates to commit to TWO things:

1. We support NCFAs call to commit to at least doubling investment in Culture and the Arts by 2025, over the life of the next government. This includes a commitment to double investment in the Arts Council and Culture Ireland over the same period, as the agencies who directly support artists and their work.

Key Facts:

More facts and data here:

2. We stand beside the Alliance for Insurance Reform and demand that candidates in the upcoming General Election commit to support the 4 key reforms we are seeking in this area:

Here are the facts supporting this: 

We look forward to your response and our representatives would be happy to meet with you to discuss these issues further. 

Kind regards,
the ISACS Board