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ISACS Member - Spraoi
ISACS Member - Spraoi St Patrick's Parade 2017 | Photographer Graham Cullen
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ISACS Top 10 events at Carlow Arts Festival 2018!

The Irish Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle Network (ISACS) are thrilled to have partnered up with Carlow Arts Festival to offer two ISACS members the opportunity to enjoy its 39th programme from the 6th-10th of June! The festival celebrates its 39th year promoting the growth of visual art, theatre, music, dance, spectacle, multi-disciplinary arts and entertainment. 

While we are preparing the full DELVE18 programme at Carlow Arts Festival (now open for submissions!), we have selected 10 circus and street arts events not miss out at Carlow Arts Festival 2018!

Drom Roll for ISACS' team top 10 events at Carlow Arts Festival 2018!

1. What Am I Worth?

Extraordinary Bodies (UK)
World Première


Saturday 9 June, 2pm & 7pm

Festival HQ @ Carlow College

Seven extraordinary artists dance, fly, catch, play and sing on a flying, tipping, and spinning stage, as they grapple with what it means to value each other in a world of instant judgments.

The award-winning, integrated circus company Extraordinary Bodies (UK), worked with a group of disabled and non-disabled Carlow community members to create this groundbreaking new show for 2018.

This highly skilled and beautifully touching circus show for all ages features an exceptional cast of diverse and extraordinary bodies.

Take part in the event!

2. Wet Floor

Artist: CRIS-IS (Catalonia) - Cristina Solé

Saturday 9 June, 3 pm 
Sunday 10 June, 3 pm

Festival HQ @ Carlow College

The show is about to start. The festival has hired the company ‘Wet Floor’, with more than 30 years experience, to clean and prepare the stage…

This hilarious slapstick clown show starring Christina Solé will fill you with laughter as a simple cleaning task transforms into an impossible mission on the verge of disaster.

ISACS team saw this show at Fira Tarrega 2017 and gives it 5 stars!

3. Kamchàtka

Kamchàtka Street Theatre Company (Catalonia)

Date/Time/Starting Point:
Friday 8 June, 6 pm - Starting at Fairgreen Centre.
Saturday 9 June, 4.30 pm - Starting at Potato Market.

Eight characters lost, each carrying their own suitcase. Passers-by or immigrants?
Naive and curious, their emotions are barely contained, they know nothing about our norms, our rules and our way of life. They may get in your car, stop the traffic, climb a lamp-post or ask you for some of your lunch.
Kamchàtka eventually turns into a mirror - a mirror of our behavior towards the Other, the Foreign, the Different.

This collective of wide-eyed and inquisitive visitors will capture the hearts of the public as they take over the streets of Carlow.

ISACS team saw this show at National Circus Festival of Ireland 2016 and gives it 5 stars!

Read the Delvers' NCFI feedback on the show.
'This was outdoor street spectacle at its finest'
Claire Sheehan.
'Kamchàtka, a beautiful and heartfelt piece of street theatre that about migration and the kindness of strangers.'
Allayne Cassidy

4. D-Construction

Compagnie Dyptik (France)

Sunday 10 June, 5pm
Festival HQ @ Carlow College

A massively energetic hip-hop dance performance with a powerful beat.

Drawing its inspiration from the rebellion of populations, D-Construction connects, inspires and destroys - to create something new.

A metal scaffolding stands in the middle of the performance space dividing two worlds.

It cages, protects and frees. The 6 dancers come together to create a stronger entity; breaking apart, they assert their uniqueness.

Public and dancers slowly merge and the fence as an obstacle dissolves.

ISACS team saw this show at Fira Tarrega 2017 and gives it 5 stars!

5. The Trip

Tombs Creatius (Catalonia)

Saturday 9 June, 1 - 4 pm / 6 - 9 pm

Sunday 10 June, 1 - 4 pm / 5 - 8 pm

Festival HQ @ Carlow College

Take a fun, yet profound, and unforgettable journey. Almost every second minute, someone disappears into Tombs Creatius’s trailer - the departure point for a fascinating, mysterious voyage, a trip to the self and to the fragile boundary between life and death. 

A strange and unique experience you’re not going to want to miss! 

ISACS team saw this show at Fira Tarrega 2017 and gives it 5 stars!

6. The Dog Project

Artist: Tom Campbell (Ireland) | ISACS Profile


Friday 8 June, 12 - 6 pm at Fairgreen Centre

Saturday 9 June, dog walk starts at 12 pm at Fairgreen Centre, 
reaches Festival HQ @ Carlow College at 1.30pm, stays until 8 pm at Festival HQ @ Carlow College

Sunday 10 June, 1 - 8 pm at Festival HQ  @ Carlow College

100 dogs will be unleashed around the streets of Carlow as part of The Dog Project.  

Get involved in the dog walk on Saturday through the town or simply marvel at the strangely lifelike hand-crafted creations as they pop up in unusual contexts throughout the weekend. 

Each dog is created locally in papier mache through intensive workshops in Carlow schools led by ISACS artist Tom Campbell

This unique visual arts installation and fun community-based project show the environmentally friendly way of making sculpture come alive. 

7. Spraoi

Waterford Spraoi (Ireland) | ISACS Profile

Saturday 9 June, 10pm

Starting at Carlow Rowing Club and ending at Festival HQ @ Carlow College

Spraoi, the award-winning Irish performance company, will create a vibrant street performance as part of the Saturday night spectacle event. Birds will hit Carlow streets as the light wanes, bringing the town to witness  R.S.A.G.... and Fireworks at the Festival HQ.

Birds celebrates nature and river-life with a combustive mix of music, stunning floats and energetic performance.

Leaders in Irish street-arts, Spraoi will showcase local talent as part of this celebratory performance.

ISACS team saw this show at Spraoi Festival 2017 and gives it 5 stars!

8. L'Aprés Midi D'un Foehn (Version 1)

Artist: Compagnie Non Nova (France)

3 shows on Saturday 9 June -  1 pm, 2:30 pm and 4 pm 


Prepare to be enchanted by this beautiful, award-winning show which has wowed audiences of all ages all over the world.
Astounding in its simplicity, a mime artist uses plastic bags to create a show that is unique and utterly captivating.
Whirred to life by fans, watch as the bags fill the air, joyously swirling and twirling to the beautiful music of Debussy.

An experience of true wonder guaranteed to charm the young, and the young at heart.

9. The Gramophone

Artist: Donnacha Cahill (Ireland)


Friday 8 June, 3 - 6pm @ Fairgreen Centre / 7 - 9pm at Festival HQ @ Carlow College 
Saturday 9 June, 
1 - 8pm at Festival HQ @ Carlow College 
Sunday 10 June, 
1 - 8pm at Festival HQ @Carlow College

Bring along your favourite tracks and plug into the huge Gramophone measuring over 3 meters tall and weighing over a tonne!

The Gramophone invites audiences to sit down and relax or dance depending on who the DJ is at any moment!

10. The Strange Travel of Mr Tonet

Tombs Creatius (Catalonia)

Saturday 9 June, 1 - 7 pm

Sunday 10 June, 1 - 7 pm

Festival HQ @ Carlow College

Explore Senyor Tonet’s fascinating world of sound, light and movement!
Mr Tonet has travelled the world having amazing adventures.

Discover what he’s got up to as you play on 9 beautifully constructed wooden games. Each box holds a story - peep inside to discover a magical world created with robotics, sound, light and movement. 

All these shows are up for grab as part of ISACS Go-see professional development programme called D.E.L.V.E! To best enjoy the Carlow Arts Festival Programme, the DELEVE18 programme, supported by Arts Council Ireland, includes accommodation, provided by the festival.

Check the application requirements.
This a programme for ISACS members only! Apply by the 10th of May, or join in today from €30 for a year membership.

Glamour, Glamour, Glamour at Galway Burlesque Fest...
DELVE18: Meet the Dublin Dance Festival Delvers!

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