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New member registration - Please refer to steps 1 - 5 to activate your membership.


To manage an existing profile please see our Profile management guide.


NB: This guide is designed with reference to users viewing the ISACS website on a PC, laptop or tablet. The directions are suitable for smaller screens however the position of the referred right menu will relocate to it's stacked position no 2 under the article content.


  1. Register

  2. Select a Membership Type

  3. Create your account

  4. Create your profile

  5. Pay via paypal


 1. Register

There are a number of links throughout the site to register. Here is an example from the home page.register


2. Select a Membership Type

Please take the time to review our membership categories in addition to the provisions set out in the Company’s Constitution, and the Terms and Conditions of using ISACS website, the following Rules of Membership apply If you are unsure which category suits your practice best please contact info@isacs.ie. When you are happy to continue select 'Join Now'


Join Now


Please select a membership type that best suits your practice.

There are three types of membership. Apart from Individual Membership, annual subscriptions are based on the company’s turnover the previous year. Membership runs from the date registered x 12 months. Subscriptions are detailed below:

1. Trial - First timer membership

Available for one year only for anyone working/interested in the area of Street Arts, Circus and Spectacle.

Trial-First timers membership - €30

2. Individual membership

For sole traders, including freelance performers, directors, writers, makers, prop & costume designers, producers and others working/interested in these fields.  

Individual Member 1 (Turnover <€20,000) - €30
Individual Member 2 (Turnover >€20,000) - €50

3. Organisation Membership

Available to all Organisations/Companies who work professionally in these fields.

Organisation Membership 1  (Turnover <€30,000) - €50
Organisation Membership 2  (Turnover <€100,000) - €80
Organisation Membership 3 ( Turnover €100,000-300,000) - €120
Organisation Membership 4 ( Turnover >€300,000 and +) - €160


3. Create your account.

Please take note of the user name and pasword. You will use these in future to login to your membership profile.

Registration 3


4. Create Your Profile

After you create your account, you will be brought back to the Members Directory.

A new menu set has appeared on the right hand side. This is the Members Menu.

Now you need to add a Members profile.

reg1 5

After selecting Add Members Profile you will be able to fill out your profile details.

IMPORTANT: Make sure to select the correct membership type in the first drop down box as this is what you will be billed for. The default setting is individual membership.

Please take some time to fill your profile out as completely as you can. This content is available to the public. Fields with green asterix are mandatory.

registration 5


When you have finished completing the form, you will be asked to accept the terms and conditions. These refer to the terms and conditions of using the website, the ISACS Rules of Membership and the ISACS constitiution.

registration 7


5. Pay via paypal

Make sure to check the membership type is correct including the amount then select PAY NOW.

registration 8

Follow the instructions for Billing Details

Select paypal as your payment method.

You will be brought to the Paypal payment processor. If you do not have a Paypal account or do not wish to use one you can select a card only option within the Paypal payment process method.

registration 9

When you have comfirmation from Paypal that the payment has been processed select  - RETURN TO MERCHANT

registration 10

That's it! Congratulations and welcome to ISACS network!

Please see how to manage and update your profile in our profile management guide.


If you are having any trouble with setting up and / or managing a membership profile please contact marketing@isacs.ie for technical assistance.


Irish Street Arts Circus and Spectacle Network

Irish Theatre Institute, 17 Eustace St, Temple Bar, Dublin 2, Ireland
00 353 (0)87 0541812 info@isacs.ie
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